Cloud platforms: innovation with security

Cloud platforms: innovation with security

Cloud platforms: innovation with security

As time goes on and the pandemic situation of COVID-19 seems not to want to slow down, the topic of "teleworking" continues to recur. Many companies, from various areas of activity, are considering making this modality a more permanent reality. The use of various software and platforms that support remote working has had a greater boost now that it has become fundamental, but the truth is that distrust over these tools' security is still recurrent and constitutes some obstacles in areas that deal with more sensitive data, such as the legal area.

The idea that the cloud is not secure and this fear of exposing confidential customer or company data must be demystified. An efficient and robust cyber security rests on three fundamental pillars: policies, processes and people. These three pillars are even more relevant when talking about cloud platforms.

The cloud is not unsafe! What often happens is that most companies do not have an IT security infrastructure in place to detect security threats or address existing security breaches, i.e. they are not prepared or do not have the resources to deal with today's growing and complex security threats.

On the contrary, the security of cloud providers is designed to protect data on a large scale and always up-to-date by specialized professionals. In addition, it allows protecting the data in case of equipment loss (servers and physical datacenters), keeping this data encrypted and secure in remote access, protected by SLAs and security protocols.

Additionally, and contrary to the idea that cloud platforms are more expensive, using this type of solutions is a lower investment than keeping the data on your own physical servers.
It was precisely in the legal area that Rolling Space - a Portuguese IT company with more than a decade of experience in the area of security and cloud solutions - launched an innovative platform, 100% cloud, which allows lawyers to manage their activity more efficiently and productively: Rolling Legal. This platform allows the access and editing of information in multiple devices, being an excellent option when working remotely.

Rolling Legal is prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation and is built on the Salesforce platform, a robust and flexible security architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries - from financial services, to healthcare and government.
Trusted by over 150,000 companies in all industries and around the world, the platform provides security and control over everything from user and customer authentication through administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model.

With this technology, it is possible to ensure:

Org Security — the solution protects your organization’s data from all other customer data by using a unique identifier that restricts access to your data at every level from anyone outside of your company — including us.

User Security — User authentication (both delegated and SAML) combined with network-level security by IP address, session restrictions, and audit trails provides control and visibility into what users are doing in the system and their field history.

Programmatic Security — Configurable authenticated sessions secure access to logic, data, and metadata. The solution even offers a source code scanner that produces a report analyzing the security of your code.

Trust and Visibility — Trust starts with transparency, so the solution displays real-time information on system performance and security, and offers tips on best security practices for your organization. 

Rolling Legal has been assuming itself, with law firms and companies' legal departments, as a complete and secure cloud solution, aimed at managing legal activity, optimising the performance of these professionals.

It is being presented in live sessions and offers a free 30-day trial.

The trend that will determine the transformation of business models translates into an increasing commitment to technological solutions for business management. Based on these trends, Rolling Space also provides other cloud management platforms, namely in the intellectual property area: Rolling Trademarks and Rolling Patents.