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Increase your Law firm revenue with efficient invoicing

Most law firms face a common problem: time entries!
And this often happens for many reasons, the most frequent being that lawyers work in a day, on many matters and for different clients, or that the time recording tool is complicated to manage.

Did you know that a lack of time entries for billable work can lead to a reduction of up to 40% invoicing?

Using a platform that allows time recording in a practical and efficient way is an increasingly recurring solution for the most advanced law firms.

Time worked on each client's case can be easily recorded and billed accordingly!

To ensure that you increase your invoicing, it is crucial that there is a record of all working times, which is also a great way to justify your fee notes as it also identifies easily the work carried out.



⏱️ Session duration: 10 minutes

In this session, we will present:
- How to use time entries;
- How to edit time entries;
- How to create a task;
- How to issue a fee note from a matter and send it immediately by e-mail.

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