Document Management: from paper to digital

Document Management: from paper to digital

Document Management: from paper to digital

Does your Company and/or Legal Department information still reside on paper?

A legal case generates and gathers a series of documents, which when on paper, steal a lot of time for storage, for consulting and even to share it with your team.
Rolling Legal can help since you can create up to a thousand libraries!
Libraries are an incredible way to organize archives and manage each user's permissions.

Rolling Legal has a file library that allows you to simplify the organization, access and sharing of files, allowing access in real time, anywhere and on any device, just using a browser.


Rolling Legal libraries

With this cloud platform, you can create individual or public folders, allowing your team access to your documents.
You can also easily define whether access is read-only or read and edit.


Manage library members Rolling Legal


All file types are supported, including Microsoft Power Point presentations, excel sheets, PDFs and image files.

Whether you use Sharepoint, OneDrive or GoogleDrive, you can integrate these solutions with Rolling Legal so that all your files are accessed from one place.


Sharing files with Rolling Legal

File Sharing Limits?
With Rolling Legal you can share up to 2000 time and with a file storage limit of 10 GB!

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